Cosmo Exchange

Enable users to exchange loyalty points with your partners

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Instant point exchange

The Cosmo widget is designed to provide a seamless cross-platform experience with customizable look and feel. It enables your users to exchange their loyalty points for points or even gift cards with any of your enabled partners. With just a few clicks, points are moved from one platform to another.

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Up and running

The Cosmo widget is designed for easy integration with your loyalty platform. With a few lines of code, the widget is integrated in any of the popular web or mobile frameworks. This means more time to focus on your customer loyalty and less on the tech.

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customize your points exchange experience

Customize your user experience

At the core, Cosmo is an infrastructure API layer and the widget is simply a client of the API. The use of the widget is encouraged but optional. Our partners may opt into the integration model that suits them. For partners who desire to build their own frontend solution, our APIs are well documented for pure API integrations, and our team is available to help.


The self-service management dashboard is available to help partners easily onboard and manage their integrations. It powers features like API keys, branding, partner selection, team management and more. The dashboard helps us scale the ecosystem to the masses

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